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Diana Jones and The Organisation Development Company 
Description: We help you explore and develop the informal social networks behind the organization chart.  Monthly newsletter.

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National Coalition for Dialogue and Exchange (NCDD) 

The “dialogue and deliberation community” is a loose-knit community of practitioners, researchers, activists, artists, students, and others who are committed to giving people a voice and making sure that voice counts. NCDD provides the infrastructure needed in this community so we can work together to increase both our individual and our collective impact.

NCDD has nearly 700 members. Our monthly email updates go out to over 10,000 people who work in dialogue and deliberation, and our website receives well over 1,000 page views daily.

The 2014 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation is set for October 17-19 in the Washington, DC area.

Contacting Us

Mailing address: 114 W. Springville Road, Boiling Springs, PA 17007
(please make correspondence c/o Sandy Heierbacher, Director or Andy Fluke, Creative Director)
Phone: 717-243-5144    Email: ncdd@ncdd.org

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Psychodrama Bibliography 
Description: This international bibliography of psychodrama is now freely available to everyone with Internet access. Bibliography was developed by James Sacks.
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Sociometry and Healing with Donna Little and Ann Hale 
Description: To receive a brochure or be on the mailing list or e-mail list, call (540) 763-3061 or email Ann Hale at annehale@cox.net.

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Sociometry Notes 
Description: This is an overview of some aspects of sociometry presented at recent ASGPP conferences and related issues raised, along with further links.
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Description: Sociometry questions written with the student in training in mind have been developed by Ann Hale and invited guests. Two questions will be posed every three or four weeks, one for practitioners and one for persons training to be trainers. The answers written by Ann E. Hale will be posted on the site later, along with the next set of questions. To subscribe email sociometryquestions-subscribe@yahoogroups.com where questions posted will be automatically sent to your email address. Also others may post thereby building up possible answers, lists of resources and building a community of study partners.

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Description: Toronto Centre for Pyshcodrama & Sociometry.
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The Co-Intelligence Institute 

The Co-Intelligence Institute

The nonprofit Co-Intelligence Institute (CII) promotes awareness of co-intelligence and of the many existing tools and ideas that can be used to increase it. The CII embraces all such ideas and methods, and explores and catalyzes their integrated application to democratic renewal, community problems, organizational transformation, national and global crises and the creation of just, vibrant, sustainable cultures.

We research, network, advocate, and help organize leading-edge experiments and conversations in order to weave what is possible into new, wiser forms of civilization.

The goal of the CII is the conscious evolution of culture in harmony with nature and with the highest human potentials.

If you would like to be involved in this effort, contact us at:The Co-Intelligence Institute
P.O. Box 493
Eugene, OR, 97440

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White Buffalo Associates 
Description: This website is source of events, blogs of MaryCatherine Burgess, PhD, TEP who resides in Scotland and offers trainings there and in the US.

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THE HOOP AND THE TREE is an ecological model of spiritual and psychological wholeness that integrates modern psychology with the great spiritual and mythological traditions of the world. Anyone interested in personal growth, ecopsychology, mythology, spirituality, psychology, or counseling will find resources here. This site also offers resources on eco-spiritual poetry, and on organization development and counseling psychology.

Once you are at the site "An Introduction to Sociometry" may be found by clicking on OD & Psychology.

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