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Description: Sociometry questions written with the student in training in mind have been developed by Ann Hale and invited guests. Two questions will be posed every three or four weeks, one for practitioners and one for persons training to be trainers. The answers written by Ann E. Hale will be posted on the site later, along with the next set of questions. To subscribe email sociometryquestions-subscribe@yahoogroups.com where questions posted will be automatically sent to your email address. Also others may post thereby building up possible answers, lists of resources and building a community of study partners.

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Sociometry Notes 
Description: This is an overview of some aspects of sociometry presented at recent ASGPP conferences and related issues raised, along with further links.
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Center for Playback Theater 
Description: This site describes training in Playback Theater which originated in 1975 and which has a worldwide membership of persona and companies. Training takes place in a number of cities and countries. The School of Playback Theater is located in New Paltz, NY with summer programs in NYC and Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY

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Description: Toronto Centre for Pyshcodrama & Sociometry.
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Diana Jones and The Organisation Development Company 
Description: We help you explore and develop the informal social networks behind the organization chart.  Monthly newsletter.

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International Association of Group Psychotherapy 
Description: You will find different areas of Group Psychotherapies and Group Processes. There is also acces to the Psychodrama Section Announcement List that announce Psychodrama events and resources all over the world for free.

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Hudson Valley Psychodrama Center 
Description: The Hudson Valley Psychodrama Center was founded by Rebecca Walters, TEP and Judy Swallow, TEP. It is located in New Paltz, New York. The mailing address is 68 Dubois Road, New Paltz, NY 12561 Telephone (845) 255-7502. The Center offers Core Training Groups, Directing Intensives, Residential training, Internships at Four Winds Hospital, Supervision, and Moreno Seminars for advanced students, TEPs and CPs.

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Sociometry and Healing with Donna Little and Ann Hale 
Description: To receive a brochure or be on the mailing list or e-mail list, call (540) 763-3061 or email Ann Hale at annehale@cox.net.

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Description: American Society of Group Psychotherapy & Psychodrama.
To access grouptalk an internet listserve contact:

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Psychodrama Bibliography 
Description: This international bibliography of psychodrama is now freely available to everyone with Internet access. Bibliography was developed by James Sacks.
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