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FREE half hour consultation with Ann E. Hale
Ann E. Hale, M.A., TEP is making available the first Tuesday in every month to offer half-hour telephone consultation (540-400-8182) free of charge. People wanting this opportunity make arrangements by calling or texting her at 540-597-7903. Certificates following the consultation will be sent to your email address. No skype.

Fleece blanket of sociometric cycle available
Marlo Archer, PhD, TEP has made available a floor cloth of the Sociometric Cycle printed on a fleece blanket used to explore the sociometric cycle in action. Approximately 8 feet square. To order contact www.AZPsychodrama.com.  The cost is $100, plus $25.00 for shipping.

Sociometry texts by Ann Hale available on USB Flash drive
Available for purchase are Ann Hale's Conducting Clinical Sociometric Explorations ( 1985); Sociometric Processing of Action Events by Ann Hale and Donna Little ( 2002); Ann Hale's Three Cyclical Models which Enhance Consciousness of Interpersonal Connection  ( 2012) plus papers written of interest to psychodramatists and Sociometrists. Purchasers submit their email address to receive papers/exercises as they become available.  Included now are: (1) Acts of Integration: Psychodrama practice as viewed through Daniel J. Siegel's Nine Domains of Integration.  (2) Survey of Act Hunger and Role Accessibility in the Psychodrama Training Group.  (3) The Mini-sociometric test : 4 pages, Explanation, data sheet and possible criteria for a psychodrama group; (4) The Role of the Sociometrist, 2 pages. 


Diana Jones, Sociometrist &AANZPA trainer launches book in NYC
Leadership Material, How Personal Experience Shapes Executive Presence, NY, Nicholas Brealey, 2017 was launched at a book signing in New York at Barnes and Noble, May 8, following her attendance and presentation at the Annual Meeting of ASGPP in Clearwater,  FL May 4-7. Later Diana will launch her book in Wellington, New Zealand. Diana has had over thirty year of observing teams and executives fail while following tips from a myriad of self help articles and journals. Her approach has been to be truthful about what works and what does not. For instance,  feedback is not helpful. She offers the executive a bridge from his or her best practice with a real connection to the situation or person. Suggestions are grounded in the managers experience and recalled to seal a connection. Gentle questioning, "Do you want them to share with you why they are amused when you came in late?"  Facing realities straight on gives a person a push toward what they have wanted all along. A remarkable read with enduring qualities. We'll done, Diana. Available at a variety of booksellers and Amazon. Check out her website. Go to the links section above and select her Organizational Development site.

Sociometry texts by Ann Hale available in reprint
Conducting Clinical Sociometric Explorations: a Manual for Psychodramatists and Sociometrists (1985, workbook edition) is available in reprint, spiral bound. Cost: $45.00, plus $6.98 postage in US. Postage overseas: $30.

Sociometric Processing of Action Events by Ann Hale and Donna Little (2002) is available in reprint form, spiral bound. Cost: $25, plus $6.98postage in US.

Three Cycical Models which enhance Consciousness of Interpersonal Connection (2013) is available in spiral bound edition for $25., plus $6.98 postage. The electronic edition in PDF is available in a CD for $12.
To order call Ann Hale at 540-597-7903 or mail your check to her at 353 Highland Ave, No. 2, Roanoke, VA 24016.

USB Flash drive of these three books, plus four additional papers is available for $ 45.00. Capacity 2 -4 GB. Postage in US included. Elsewhere, $10.00.
Permission is given to make one copy of each, and multiple copies of forms and exercises. Electronic transfer to others is not permitted without securing permission.

Articles: (1) Acts of Integration: Psychodrama  practice as viewed through Daniel J. Siegel's Nine Domains of Integration- Hale
                (2) Survey of Act Hunger and Role Accessibility in the Psy hodrama Training Group. - Hale. (3) The Mini-sociometric test: the explanation,  the data sheet and instructions,  and a listing of 30 criteria for Psychodrama training groups. (4) The Role of the Sociometrist, 2 pages. 

Sociometrist and Executive Coach Diana Jones' Podcasts on leadership
Diana Jones' website offers three podcasts of interest to those in organizations: (1) Executive presence - Working with Emotions in Organizations; (2) Leading in Tough Situations; and (3) Navigating Emotions at Work. Her website is www.diana-jones.com.
Diana is from Wellington, New Zealand and is certified as a sociometrist by the Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand Psychodrama Association (AANZPA). She has been a member of the Executive Board of AANZPA for a number of years.

The website also offers an impressive list of articles written from the perspective of successful interventions based on improving peer relationships rather than top down or bottom up connections at work. Of specific interest to sociometrists is a paper written in 2006 comparing  sociometry and social network analysis. To go directly here is the link:

Books published about J. L. Moreno in 2014
John Nolte, The Philosophy, Theory and Methods of J.L. Moreno: The Man Who Tried to Be God  (2014) New York, London, Routledge.  Available in ebook formats as well as hard cover.  Note:  Chapter 8: "Sociometry, a New Model for Social Science" pages 129-154; and, Chapter 9: "Sociometric Theory" pages 155-178.

Jonthan D. Moreno. Impromptu Man: J.L. Moreno and the Origins of Psychodrama, Encounter Culture and the Social Network.  (2014) New York, Bellevue Literary Press.  Available in soft cover and ebook formats.

Both of these books are well written, are engaging, and offer both historical perspectives and provide linkages to other major and minor contributors to the research and culture of the times.

The Sociometric Cycle
The sociometric cycle is a model which may be used by a group or the group's leaders to track the position the various members of a group are holding in a given moment in relation to a task or an event. This position is one held individually and also impacts the group members. The model was developed in 1986 by Ann E. Hale. It was developed within the context of John Mosher's The Healing Circle: Myths, Ritual and Therapy (1985).  In the 28 years of its existence practitioners of psychodrama and sociometry have developed the model and created many useful and exciting ways to use it in action,  for journaling, for processing, etc.  

The Sociometric cycle is described in Ann Hale's most recent book Three Cyclical Models which Enhance Consciousness of Interpersonal Connection (2012).


New Book: Beyond inclusion, beyond empowerment by Leticia Nieto, et.al
Beyond Inclusion, Beyond Empowerment by Leticia Nieto with Margeret F. Boyer, Liz Goodwin, Garth R. Johnson and Laurel Collier Smith  was published by Cuetzpalin Publishing in 2010. It is available by writing to DeColores Bookstore, 507 Washington Street, Olympia, WA 98501 or calling (350) 357-9400  decoloresbooks@hotmail.com
"Beyond inclusion, beyond empowerment examines  our individual selves as we navigate the structures of oppression; in another sense, it examines the broader dimensions of oppression and its pervasive hold on us in society."


New Workbook for Personal Village by Marv Thomas
In 2004 Marv Thomas published Personal Village: How to Have People in Your Life by Choice, Not Chance through Milestone Books, Seattle, WA. Now he has produced a workbook which features "six steps to build your personal community" . The workbook is an excellent resource for persons working with resettlement, persons undergoing a move of household, and for persons wanting to feel more a part of a community. To check them out go to Marv Thomas' website http://www.personalvillage.com The publisher address is: Lakeridge Press, P.O. Box 27645, Seattle, WA 98165-2645 Telephone inquiries: 206-364-9494. Email: marv@marvthomas.com.

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