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Date: Sunday, May 14 @ 00:00:00 UTC
Topic: Sociometry

Conducting Clinical Sociometric Rxplorations (1985) by Ann E. Hale, MA., TEP

Sociometric Processing of Action Eventa
, 2.ed (2004) by Ann E. Hale and Donna Little

Three Cyclical Models which enhance consciousness in interpersonal connection (2012) by Ann E. Hale

                 All texts are soft bound. Tax applicable if mailed to a Virginia resident, otherwise no tax.

Conducting Clinical Sociometric Explorations
(1985) by Ann E. Hale has long been out of print, but has been made available by the author by writing to  or sending a check for $45, plus shipping in US ($5.75) or overseas ($12.85 per copy) to Ann Hale, 353 Highland Avenue SW, Roanoke, VA 24016 (540) 400-8182. For bulk orders please call 540-400-8182.

Sociometric Processing of Action Events (2002) by Ann E. Hale and Donna Little, is available from Ann Hale at the above email address. Price $20.00 plus $5.75 mailing in US or $12.85 mailed elsewhere.

Three Cyclical Models which Enhance Consciousness of Interpersonal Connection (2012) by Ann E. Hale. Available in paper, spiral bound for $22.00 ($23.10 with tax) or electronic version CD-R PDF for $12.00 ($12.60 with tax). Shipping $5.75 US or $12.85 airmail elsewhere.  This monograph includes the sociometric cycle, the harmonic-conflictual cycle and the interpersonal neurobiology cycle.
OR: from the Toronto Centre. The Centre also has for sale the monograph by Ann E. Hale and Donna Little Sociometric Processing of Action Events , Revised edition, Toronto, TCPS, 2005.
The first text covers most of the basics of sociometric methods and a chapter on Action Sociometry. The monograph covers many tools which people working in action may use to look at access to roles, how choices reflect the group's system of values, and key reflections on the part of group members which help them arrive at closure. Click on Links above, then "sociometry links" and then TCPS to enter their website. Publications are listed in their left hand column.


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