New Book: Beyond inclusion, beyond empowerment by Leticia Nieto,
Date: Saturday, November 05 @ 10:05:40 UTC
Topic: Sociometry

Beyond Inclusion, Beyond Empowerment by Leticia Nieto with Margeret F. Boyer, Liz Goodwin, Garth R. Johnson and Laurel Collier Smith  was published by Cuetzpalin Publishing in 2010. It is available by writing to DeColores Bookstore, 507 Washington Street, Olympia, WA 98501 or calling (350) 357-9400
"Beyond inclusion, beyond empowerment examines  our individual selves as we navigate the structures of oppression; in another sense, it examines the broader dimensions of oppression and its pervasive hold on us in society."

The book offers a set of tools and applications for one to develop the skills needed to wwork toward anti-oppression.  (Taken from the foreward by John P. Hopkins, Director of Intercultural Studies, Saint Martin's University)

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