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New Workbook for Personal Village by Marv Thomas
Posted on Thursday, March 02 @ 15:16:53 UTC
Topic: Sociometry
In 2004 Marv Thomas published Personal Village: How to Have People in Your Life by Choice, Not Chance through Milestone Books, Seattle, WA. Now he has produced a workbook which features "six steps to build your personal community" . The workbook is an excellent resource for persons working with resettlement, persons undergoing a move of household, and for persons wanting to feel more a part of a community. To check them out go to Marv Thomas' website http://www.personalvillage.com The publisher address is: Lakeridge Press, P.O. Box 27645, Seattle, WA 98165-2645 Telephone inquiries: 206-364-9494. Email: marv@marvthomas.com.


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