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Diana Jones, Sociometrist &AANZPA trainer launches book in NYC
Posted on Sunday, May 14 @ 11:47:12 UTC
Topic: Sociometry
Leadership Material, How Personal Experience Shapes Executive Presence, NY, Nicholas Brealey, 2017 was launched at a book signing in New York at Barnes and Noble, May 8, following her attendance and presentation at the Annual Meeting of ASGPP in Clearwater,  FL May 4-7. Later Diana will launch her book in Wellington, New Zealand. Diana has had over thirty year of observing teams and executives fail while following tips from a myriad of self help articles and journals. Her approach has been to be truthful about what works and what does not. For instance,  feedback is not helpful. She offers the executive a bridge from his or her best practice with a real connection to the situation or person. Suggestions are grounded in the managers experience and recalled to seal a connection. Gentle questioning, "Do you want them to share with you why they are amused when you came in late?"  Facing realities straight on gives a person a push toward what they have wanted all along. A remarkable read with enduring qualities. We'll done, Diana. Available at a variety of booksellers and Amazon. Check out her website. Go to the links section above and select her Organizational Development site.


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