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The Sociometric Cycle
Posted on Monday, November 24 @ 05:33:10 UTC
Topic: Sociometry
The sociometric cycle is a model which may be used by a group or the group's leaders to track the position the various members of a group are holding in a given moment in relation to a task or an event. This position is one held individually and also impacts the group members. The model was developed in 1986 by Ann E. Hale. It was developed within the context of John Mosher's The Healing Circle: Myths, Ritual and Therapy (1985).  In the 28 years of its existence practitioners of psychodrama and sociometry have developed the model and created many useful and exciting ways to use it in action,  for journaling, for processing, etc.  

The Sociometric cycle is described in Ann Hale's most recent book Three Cyclical Models which Enhance Consciousness of Interpersonal Connection (2012).

Ann Hale's new monograph, Three Cyclical Models which Enhance Consciousness of Interpersonal Connection is now available for sale.  The monograph (57 pages) includes the origins, design, and ways each cycle may be used in action. The three cycles are: The sociometric cycle, the harmonic-conflictual cycle and the interpersonal neurobiology cycle. The Appendices include signage for use in action explorations of each cycle; a section on the three cycles and Moreno's Canon of Creativity; a section on the holographic nature of the cycles, and an update on consciousness related to research on the brain.

Ordering information:

The paper version in Microsoft Word 2010 is spiral bound to lay flat. (8.5 x 11) with permission given to photocopy the figures for use by participants.   Price: $22.00 ($23.10 with tax) plus shipping ($5.75 for US, $12.85 for Canada and elsewhere using airmail only)

The electronic version of the text in CD-R PDF format:  Price: $12.00 ($12.60 with tax) plus shipping ($5.65 in US, $7.00 for Canada and elsewhere) This may also be sent as an e-mail attachment. Please then make a contributions to a local homeless shelter, rather than send any money to me.

Checks, made payable to Ann E. Hale, and drawn against a US bank, may be sent to her at 353 Highland Ave, No. 2, Roanoke, VA 24016  Inquiries about bulk orders or other particulars toannehale@cox.net or by phoning her at 540-400-8182.


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