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Building a Sociometric Warmup from the Music We Listen To
a brief note from Ann E. Hale, M.A., TEP

One of the attractions of the psychodramatic method is the ability to
build an enactment from the warm-up state which is present in a group
or an individual. Psychodramatists receive training and supervision in
concretizing and expansion as part of their career development. These
same abilities are employed in building a warm-up from the sociometric
issues in the group, reflected in sayings or tunes which spontaneously
emerge during check-in. Having a ready repertoire is useful; and, it is
also useful to practice creating a warm-up in the moment.

So here are some challenges:

(1) Song: “They say that breaking up is hard to do”

     Warmup: Place a person in the empty chair  someone to whom you never said goodbye.

     Warmup: If you were to “make up” with someone, who comes to mind?  

(2) Saying: “It takes two to tango”.

     Warmup: Set up a scene in the recent months
when you were feeling lonely.  Show us the way you warm up
to  reaching out for connection.

(3) Song: “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that zing.”

     Warm-up: Create a social atom for yourself of
romantic connections you have had. Select a way to identify with
colors, spacing or rings, those connections that had zing, and those
that didn’t.  Using arrows show wether you want that person to
move closer, stay where they are now, or move further away.  OR

     Warm-up: Create a social atom of current and
present business associates:  Find a way to show in the depiction
those that have "zing" and those who do not.  Use the arrows to
identify the movement towards and away from you based on the feelings
this engenders.

Continue to exercise your skill in building warmups. When you listen to
the radio in your car or to your Ipod, take a break and think up some
warmups that go along with what you are hearing and its impact on you.
Imagine participating in a warmup especially designed for your own
sociometric concerns of the moment.

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